Best Travel Backpacks of 2019

  • Post by Nomadic Method
  • Dec 30, 2019
post-thumb As more adventurers hit the road for traveling, the more options we have for luggage. Travel backpacks are the best option for frequent travel abroad. From the weekend warrior to the long-term nomad, backpacks beat wheeled luggage any day. Best of travel backpacks are chosen based on specific user and quality. It’s easy to find a cheap pack but when traveling long term and for safety, it is a good idea to invest in a quality pack. Which quality pack depends on your preference. We recommend minimal to moderate packing. With that in mind, these packs range from 45L to 65L, depending on how much you want to travel with. The best of 2019 list is not sourced by affiliate partners but handpicked by nomads.

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Best Backpacks of 2019

Osprey Farpoint 55L: Best for the Trekker
Are you the traveler who enjoys getting off the beaten track? Do you like hiking 6-12 miles a day, rain or shine? Are you looking to experience a bit more of the rugged? The improved Osprey Farpoint Trek combines the convenience of the original Farpoint with Osprey’s winning trekking pack lines. With adjustable and breathable back support, gear loops, and a hydration pouch, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a trekking backpack with the features of a travel pack.

Farpoint pros/cons
Eagle Creek Global Companion: Best for the City Slicker
Do you like the luxury of roller luggage but don’t like the hassle? Do you prefer sipping quality coffee or a martini while waiting for the line to go down at the Louvre? Maybe you just want to get from point A to point B and not have to always be carrying your luggage. The Global Companion 65L is great for the traveler who prefers the luxuries of life but doesn’t want the hassles to go with. With it’s luggage-like organization system, it’s easy to pack and unpack while on the road. Several compartments means easy to organize and lockable zippers with extra locking strap means your stuff remains locked.

Global Companion pros/cons
Gregory Tetrad 60L: Best for the All-in-One
Do you do all the things? Not just a city traveler but also enjoy the great outdoors? Do you like to get lost once and awhile as well as enjoy the noise of the crowd? The Tetrad is a great all in one pack with features of both the trekker and the city slicker. It’s slim design makes the travels a little more manageable and the durable liner holds some of the dirtiest of gear. The Tetrad also comes with an attached daypack so you can drop your bag off at your bunk and quickly convert for a hike around town.

Tetrad pros/cons
Peak Design Dufflepack 65L: Best for the Gear Snob
Do you like innovation and new ideas? How about compartments and easy access storage? Maybe you want to grab your DSLR quickly as well as keep it safe? The Peak Design is a new travel pack looking to disrupt the market. With it’s magnetic pouches and expandable storage space, the Peak Design is made for the savvy who like to stray away from the norm. The pack is made for those who like to convert their packs to multiple uses. The backpack can easily convert to a duffle. Once settled and ready to go off on a photo shoot, the duffle can convert to a photo/video gear storage bag.

Dufflepack pros/cons
Tortuga Outbreaker 45L: Best for the Carry On Only Traveler
Do you like saving space and money by just brining a carry on? Maybe you enjoy being minimal while you travel and only the bare essentials? Where innovation meets the minimalist, the Outbreaker steps away from the herd and designs it’s own style. With it’s dimensions made for carry-on, the luggage-like backpack makes plane hopping easy. The storage compartments add an extra sense of organization while the simple design makes packing quick and painless.

Outbreaker pros/cons
Whether you’re a outward bound or a city lover, there are several packs to choose from. As these are our favorites, doesn’t mean you have your own. Shoot us an email with your selection of best backpack for traveling!